ICD-10 Transition

October 2014 is around the corner and providers are ramping up now TO stay ahead of the curve. Our experts can share the workload with you so you don’t miss a beat and your practice can keep running smoothly.

The ICD-10 transition will require tremendous effort and incur incredible cost for medical providers!

  • Productivity standards may have to be redefined, requiring more medical coding staff.
  • Existing staff will need to be retrained, some current medical
  • Coders may even have to attend school.
  • Medical providers will now be required to provide more detailed diagnosis when documenting.
  • Each organization will need to develop an implementation plan.

As Your Complete Revenue Acceleration Management Partner, Metrix Medical can eliminate any negative impact ICD-10 may have on your medical practice. We can assure you that our team of knowledgeable experts coupled with our state-of-the-art technology will help you avoid all of the extra time, effort and costs associated with this transition while giving your practice a major advantage.