EHR / Meaningful Use

Many practices have considered transitioning to EHR and are waiting for the right time or interface. The time is now and Metrix Medical is here to guide you through the entire process. If you already use an EHR, then our billing division may be able to connect with you to streamline your office’s workflow in order to increase patient visits and revenue per provider.

Benefits of Using Our System

Because Metrix Medical EHR software is web-based, the management of all health records is much more convenient and secure. Providers are able to use any Windows-based laptop, desktop, or tablet PC to chart a patient encounter electronically.

Our EHR includes a full integration with our Practice Management system, which means all patient demographic data, clinical, billing, scheduling, appointment history, and other pertinent information is at your fingertips– when you are in your office, at the hospital, or at home. Additionally, because of the EHR integration with our Revenue Acceleration Management System, there is no more paper chasing to reconcile daily encounters with daily billing claims processed.

Some of the Features:

  • Fast, easy access to a consolidated patient record
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced documents, paper files and records
  • Maintain business continuity from anywhere you have internet access
  • Search for patients, quickly and easily
  • View current and historical visit notes
  • View and approve results and reports
  • Access patient medication and prescription history
  • Generate alerts for appointment recall, prescription refills, and lab orders

Electronically receive and exchange test results, medical histories, and summaries of care to the next provider or care setting. Our EHR is the ideal solution for creating a truly paperless medical office. Our clients have significantly improved the quality of their healthcare and avoided mishaps or errors by using individual electronic health records for visiting patients. Increase your quality of care while significantly improving practice productivity.

EHR Stimulus Fund

There is no time like the present to start your transition to EHR. Many practices have dedicated staff to work on this but the more important issues most practices are facing is meaningful use and attestation to qualify for stimulus funds. We are here to get you up and running and will partner with you for every step along the way.

Assuring Meaningful Use for EHR Stimulus Incentives

We understand that establishing meaningful use to qualify for electronic health record stimulus incentives while achieving ease of use for the physician are key considerations in selecting an EHR system. The Metrix Medical EHR product is and will remain compliant with all certification criteria set forth by the Office of the National Coordinator and will be updated and modified as necessary.