For over 30 years Metrix Medical has been a full service provider of medical billing. We partner cutting edge technology with teams of skilled billing specialists to deliver collection rates unrivaled in the industry.
We address all components of the revenue cycle, from scheduling to collections. We also offer a comprehensive practice management system as well as an EHR. All of our services can be customized to find a solution that meets the specific needs of your practice.
Metrix Medical delivers a web-based, fully integrated practice management solution. This technology platform provides your practice with amazing scheduling features which includes automated electronic insurance verification, and automated patient appointment telephone confirmations, detailed patient demographics, robust reporting modules, e-superbills and charge slips, and other features including optional EHR.
No, Metrix Medical does not outsource any of our billing to other countries. All work is done in our HIPPA compliant office located in South Florida.
Most data is automatically transferred electronically to Metrix for billing purposes. If your practice opts to stick with paper charge slips, they may be sent to us in a variety of ways including fax, mail, scanning, or courier. Rest assured, HIPAA compliance will be maintained throughout the entire process.
Your claims are submitted within one business day of receipt. Most claims are filed electronically through our clearinghouse. All follow ups are done within one business day as well. Detailed claims reporting is always available to you- either online, over the phone or in person.
Yes. Metrix Medical has a robust, rules-based claim scrubber that catches coding and field entry errors before the claim is sent. We actually customize this scrubber by specialty to ensure clean claims. Our initial pass denial rate is in the low single digits!
We start with proper, clean billing. Metrix Medical uses a comprehensive, rules-based claim scrubber, customized by specialty. Our claims scrubber checks each claim for potential errors in procedure coding, diagnostic coding and payer-specific rules. Our expert staff then reviews the claims and makes the proper adjustments.
The web based scheduler allows our back office to access your daily calendar so that we can reconcile all patient visits to minimize any human error that may occur during your busy workday. This allows us to submit claims quickly and efficiently bringing more revenue into your practice
Our technology platform has a customizable collections module which means we set up detailed, custom collections worklists tailored to your practice’s payer mix. This tool allows us to keep your Accounts Receivable well below the average for your specialty.
Your office is responsible for the day to day scheduling of patient visits. You will collect co pays, as usual. We will work together to determine how Metrix Medical will access your patient visit information for billing purposes. Metrix Medical handles all claims submissions, patient billing, follow up and collection calls if necessary. Metrix Medical handles all patient billing inquiries so your practice can focus on patient visits.
We operate on a fee based shared revenue agreement. As we collect revenue for your practice, we are compensated on a percentage of that revenue. This method creates a true partnership and motivates all parties to work cohesively. We only get paid when you get paid!